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Painting technology

Customized solutions for painting technology

Customized solutions for painting technology

All painting processes require precise measurement of the component so that painting can be carried out optimally. With our solutions, this requirement becomes a problem of the past. With just a few sensors, large precise areas can be measured to optimally detect the position of the component and adjust the path of the painting robot accordingly.



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Our solution for your industry:

  • 3D Position Detection

    This solution offers precise 3D position finding in combination with color information for uncompromising safety in your painting process.

    • Easy handling in commissioning and production
    • Uncomplicated integration into existing processes
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  • Large-scale Metrology

    With the help of large measuring fields, even the largest components can be precisely detected with just a few sensors in or in front of the painting cell. High-resolution 3D information provides the decisive advantage.

    • Use of fewer sensors at long range
    • Uncomplicated transfer of information to downstream process steps
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