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Customized solutions for the aviation industry

Customized solutions for the aviation industry

The combination of in-depth know-how from the aviation industry and the use of innovative technologies from the fields of sensor technology, robotics and artificial intelligence creates the optimal systems for increasing efficiency in inspection processes. We help you to start on the best path to automation, achieving process reliability, cost efficiency and a fast return on investment!



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Our solution for your industry:

  • 3D Position Detection

    This solution provides highly accurate 3D positioning combined with color information for uncompromising precision in your automation process.

    • Easy handling in commissioning and production
    • Reliable determination of the component position in all spatial directions
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  • 3D Component Identification

    Through the advanced technology of our in-house 3D sensors and software 3D.OS, we simplify the verification of part type and condition.

    • Reliably identify complicated components
    • Robust, cost-efficient measurement system
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  • Large-scale Metrology

    With the aid of large measuring fields, even the largest components can be precisely measured with just a few sensors. High-resolution 3D information provides the ideal basis for checking component or process requirements.

    • Stereo camera system equipped with lighting and pattern projector
    • Anomaly detection, assembly progress monitoring, completeness check
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  • Mobile Inspection

    Supported by artificial intelligence, inspections can be made more efficient. Our solution includes a user-friendly worker assistance system that can be installed as an app on any tablet, ready to hand.

    • Identification of components, labels, damage and more
    • Guided reporting tool for easy inspection execution
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  • High Precision Surface Inspection

    Precise inspection of a wide range of surface defects for a broad spectrum of components and a flexibly configurable level of automation

    • Detection and classification of finest cracks and other surface anomalies
    • Highly accurate 3D surface data for seamless quality assurance
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  • Automatic Screwing Systems

    Fully automated, reproducible and force-controlled tightening operations in hard-to-reach areas, as well as high-precision quality control of fine threads.

    • Flexible integration of different tool manufacturers
    • Adaptation to complex customer requirements
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