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Our mission

  • Mission

    We stand for automated, digitalized and autonomous quality assurance processes in aviation and beyond. With the help of our industry experience, technology know-how and proximity to research, we create the innovations of tomorrow.

  • Purpose

    Creation of future-proof value creation processes for the European industrial location

  • USP

    Software for advanced automation, inspection, defect detection and classification


We always develop our solutions in close cooperation with research and science. New ideas are examined for their feasibility in cooperation with research partners from science and industry. If successful, this is followed by consistent joint industrialization and marketing. Our proximity to research and our extensive network allow us to keep our finger on the pulse of innovation and fulfill our mission of "always providing the best technical solution". is an example of practical research resulting in long-term successful solutions and products.


Our network consists of major players from various industries and research fields. We are a member of Hamburg Aviation e.V. as well as Erneuerbare Energien Hamburg. Within our network, we promote exchange and knowledge transfer with the aim of inspiring our customers and partners with the latest and most advanced solutions.